Hedge Contract for Hogs

Producers Hedge Contract is a Lean Hog Futures contract without margin calls.

It's a simple contract that locks in a futures price for the amount of pounds you want to hedge for a contract month. Based on the month, price and pounds you want, we sell the futures market in our company account with a large pool of other hog hedgers. We offer you any sized futures contract you want - from 5,000 carcass pounds to 1,000,000. And you can deliver against the single contract multiple times during the hedge month. You pay a small fee after the position is taken and we cover all of the margin calls and other costs. You don't even need a brokerage account. You receive the risk/reward of actual futures basis at delivery and any gain or loss from the hedge position.

It's hedging without the capital calls or the additional line of credit necessary to cover margin. We take away the margin deposit and margin call headaches. You get a clean straightforward hedge with size and delivery flexibility; and our agents will assist you in managing your margins. You can stay in business a long time when you're making money!

Locking in a profit without margin calls with flexible contract sizes and the freedom to deliver to any packer. Finally, hedging made easy!

We provide

  • Futures hedge contract price on CME Lean Hogs without margin calls
  • Almost any size contract from 5,000 to 1,000,000 carcass pounds
  • Multiple deliveries per contract
  • Assistance in futures basis/cash spread management
  • "Margin Management" assistance
  • Negotiated cash or formula price sale to packer at delivery time
  • Trucking arrangement/coordination as desired
  • Sales collection, distribution, settlements
  • Production financing

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