Loan Application

Each farmer or investor must complete an application; provide 3 years of financial statements and a copy of the organizational papers of the corporation, LLC or partnership entity. Producers Livestock Credit Corp (PLCC) will complete a credit bureau report and lien search on each farmer/investor and if a lender has a lien filed on any of applicants we will have the lender sign a release/subordination. Once approved PLCC will file a UCC in every county where the pigs are located and when the pigs are sold the proceeds will be sent to Producers Livestock office for processing, in addition the farmer/investor will sign a feeder contract. At the end of every month PLCC will send out an accounting statement to a designated person. If the pigs are feed at a barn owned by someone other than the farmer/investor, the owner of that barn will need to sign a waiver and release.

Download Loan Application (PDF)

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