Butcher Hog Marketing

The "classic" Premium Pork Program.

Producers Livestock matches the butcher hog to the packing plant and handles your sales using cash, formula and other sales strategies to get the maximum price for your hogs. Producers will market the hogs targeting the date you want to deliver, arrange trucking if you desire, coordinate the pricing and collection of the sales proceeds and even allocate funds from your check to other partners, truckers or the like, as you wish.

Because Producers has multiple arrangements with many packers, we can sell your hogs in semi load lots or in groups separated on the semi, regardless of the size producer you are. Get the price your type hog deserves regardless of how many you sell at a time.

Optimum price for the right hog going to the right packer. A win-win all the way around.

We provide

  • A market for all sized groups to major/minor packers
  • Butcher hog marketing using cash and/or formula sales
  • Access to multiple packer programs/matrixes
  • Packing plant choices per delivery
  • Trucking arrangement/coordination as desired
  • Sales collection, distribution, settlements
  • Access to Hog Hedge Contract add-on
  • Full service Futures Trading
  • Production Financing

Call Us

Territory East of Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Jeremy Schram - 712.259.0210

Territory West of Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Jeremy Schram - 712.259.0210
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