ISO-Wean/Feeder Pigs Sales and Sourcing

Whether you're a seller or a buyer of ISO-Wean's or Feeder Pigs, Producers can help you sell or source.

With offices in Eastern and Western Iowa, the number one producer of pigs in the U.S., Producers Livestock can access producers and markets throughout the state (and in many cases out-of-state) to assist you in maximizing the value of your selling, or purchasing.

Because Producers is a third-party, we'll make sure that the transaction is fair to both buyer and seller of the pigs. It's our goal to make sure the transaction is solid all the way around, and we stand behind the trade. We make certain both parties are clear on any transaction in advance of the sales agreement, and then stay with the transaction from the moment the deal is made, the pigs leave the farm and until they arrive and are unloaded at the finishing facilities. And we follow-through until the end and handle payment and collection as well, so you have no financial concerns about the money being good. The transaction stands on the strength of our checkbook. And it's been solid for over 75 years.

Optimum confidence in producer to producer transactions, because Producers stands in between protecting both sides of the trade. That's good for everyone.

We provide

  • Buying/selling ISO-wean and feeder pigs
  • Third-party grading for fairness
  • Trucking arrangement/coordination as desired
  • Sales collection, distribution, settlements
  • Transaction security
  • Full service Futures Trading
  • Production financing

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Territory East of Des Moines, Iowa

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Territory West of Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Jeremy Schram - 712.259.0210
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